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How much should my child be practicing?


In order to maintain interest and make meaningful progress, students should be practicing a minimum of three total hours per week.  That averages out to one half hour a night for six nights each week.

If a musician practices and makes progress on a given day, they will only retain that progress if they go over the material again on subsequent days.  With each day of missed practice, a musician's previously attained skills erode.

Any student that maintains a practice routine along these lines will have great success.  It is understandable that every musician experiences weeks, here and there, that are too busy to allow for this kind of routine.  This will not be a problem as long as the student gets right back into it. 

Routines are hard to keep once broken.  Help your child schedule their practicing into their week. This may prove to be the best strategy.  


Each practice session should consist of several components: