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  Jazz band is made up of students playing saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, vibes, drum set, and bass.  Students that play other instruments such as flute, clarinet, horn or tuba can be in jazz band if they are strong on their current instrument and are willing to learn to play saxophone, trumpet or trombone.  Many of my past students have had tremendous success with this.

The band is made up of primarily 7th and 8th graders. 6th graders will be elegible for the all-district elementary jazz band.





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    Jazz band members.  It is important to listen to music in jazz related styles in order to play it well.  Go to this page of suggested songs and listen to them all.  ENJOY!

Please check back.  Songs will be posted here shortly.

Jumpin Jack Jive

Here are some tracks you can practice improvisation with:

Get it On chords (use concert Bb Blues Scale)
  Jumpin Jack Jive chords (use Concert F Scale)
   Topsy chords (use Concert Eb scale)
    Children of Sanchez Chords

Blues in F
Blues in Bb
Watermelon Man
Canteloupe Island